Wednesday, July 30, 2014

18 months

Stats:  At my 18 month appointment, I'm 31lbs 5oz (99%), 34.75 inches (99%), 19.5 inch head circumference (95%).  I'm wearing mostly 24 month and 2T clothes.      

Days:  Still waking up anywhere from 7:00-8:00, eating a little breakfast, playing, and off to school around 9:30.  There, I play with classmates, have a morning snack, play some more, eat lunch, and go down for a nap that's usually an hour and a half.  I'm always so tired, I don't even ask for my pacifier.  Still going to the park on nice days after school.  Climbing stairs and sliding are favorites.  An afternoon nap around 4:30 is rare, but occasional. 

The Physical:  Turning into an expert walker, runner, and climber.  More likely to hold your hand these days, for a second, and still plopping down when I don't want to go with you.  I'm up to 14 teeth!  Seven on top and seven on bottom.  Some new tricks I have are putting my hands together to pray, pointing to body parts, and blowing bubbles in the tub.  This month I also went to swim lessons for a week and was, by far, not the whiniest one.  #winning

The Verbal:  I'm saying about 30 words, including Nooooooooo.  Mom's favorite.    

Food:  Still drinking lots of whole milk every day, and eating whatever's being cooked for dinner.  Favorites are string cheese, grapes from our garden, pasta, peaches, oranges.  Still working on vegetable consumption.  Broccoli and cheese at school are okay.

Toys: Still loving any kind of ball.  Working on throwing and kicking.  Books are fun, especially ones about farms.  Playing with the John Deere tractor a lot, and sliding down the mini slide in the living room.

Baths:  Baths are still awesome, with more splashing than ever.  Finally in the big tub.  

Nights:  Dinner around 5:30-6:30, bath, bed by 7:30-8:00.  Attempted to get rid of the pacifier a few weeks ago.  Fail.  Trying again soon.  Favorite dog pacifier died in May, so that's probably a sign.  Still using the sound/movie machine, and staying asleep all night for 12-13 hours.  

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